Operations Development

Engineer Associates can help improve the performance of your energy and production operations by providing the following services to your organisation:

  1. Development of Management Systems (ISO9001 and ISO50001)
    1. Engineering quality and energy management system advice
    2. Preparation and development of project management processes and procedures
    3. Completion of system updates capturing continuous improvement lessons
    4. Internal audit and review of management systems
  2. Operational Performance Reviews
    1. Performance tests and audits of plant and equipment against specifications
    2. Availability of equipment and OEE assessment of production line outputs
    3. Assessment of appropriate maintenance regimes to deliver the required levels of performance.
    4. Assessment of equipment fitness for purpose and development of improvement plans.
    5. Combined heat and power plant
  3. Contract Management Support
    1. Evaluation and analysis of production data and reporting on plant capability.
    2. Development of robust performance measures and guarantees
    3. ESCO contract evaluation, modelling and negotiation
    4. Operation & maintenance contract review and negotiations
    5. Divestment of redundant plant and equipment


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