Energy and low carbon solutions


Our energy and low carbon services deliver the efficient application of renewable and conventional energy projects to public sector, industrial and commercial users

Engineer Associates are experienced in the development and implementation of low carbon technologies including:


Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

We  have over 15 years experience of leading natural gas engine based projects; with a total installed electrical generation capacity to date of 24 MW. We have worked with engines from all the major OEM’s, so we are well placed to analysis and identify the right product for your business. We can also support you with turnkey CHP plant specification, CHPQA registration, and acceptance testing of gas engines and associated boiler plant once constructed.

Detailed technical performance specifications  prepared for complete Energy Centre developments. Technical submissions reviewed and testing of the plant witnessed to ensure that contracted performances are delivered.


Biomass Energy Projects

Biomass CHP – Renewable solutions using combustion boilers and turbine generators with both thermal oil and steam based technologies.

Biomass Heating – LTHW turnkey performance tenders produced for fuel storage, boiler supply and integration in to district heating systems. Projects managed from procurement through construction to testing on completion.

Biomass Metering – Advice on Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) metering requirements and providing independent metering reports for complex district heating systems.


Solar Photo Voltaic

Feasibility work undertaken for all types of PV installations, paying particular attention to integration with your existing electrical generation systems. Concept designs are developed for various system options providing annual kWhr yields, these are modeled specifically for your application and site location. Benefits are quantified in relating to your on site demand and electricity tariffs allowing you to  make an informed decision on progressing the right project for your organisation.

Delivery of solutions for domestic, public sector and commercial applications. We have experience of using the Institution of Mechanical Engineer’s MF1 (rev 5) contract to successfully deliver 1.75MW of solar photo-voltaic  installations on 300 properties against a very tight programme.




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